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Learn more about Motivated Connection Realty below. We persist in connecting with future homeowners, listening to their dreams, and creating a plan for home-ownership.

Motivated Connection Realty - WHO WE ARE

We are Motivated Connection Realty and we bring motivated buyers and sellers together to equip them with the mindset and the means to make the dream of home ownership reality.

Motivated Connection Realty - OUR MISSION

Using the most up-to-date knowledge and tools, our mission at Motivation Connection is to ensure a successful home buying experience for our clients and reliable, lifetime support after the purchase of a home.

Motivated Connection Realty - WHAT WE DO

To ensure the best experience for our clients, we provide residential, commercial and rental sales, first-time home buying seminars, and mortgage broker services.

Motivated Connection Realty - OUR HISTORY

Commitment to Ignite and Restore Hope

Making the dreams of others a reality is one of the best gifts imaginable. Mrs. Paige Hails is a woman that many undoubtedly trust with their dreams. Her commitment to ignite the vision and restore hope in her clients over the past 8 years has helped her become one of the most sought after commercial, residential and vacant land realtors in South Florida. Originally from Hollywood, Florida, this dedicated wife and mother of four is an undeniable force as a real estate professional, mogul and fearless advocate of women.

Dynamic Realtor and Speaker

Oftentimes it takes those who’ve experienced major loss and regret to understand the importance of dreams realized. Surely, it’s Mrs. Hails persistence to achieve her dreams and dedication to restore hope in others that makes her story so refreshing. She is a fire filled public speaker that connects with audiences through her humility, relatability and successful experience with re-inventing her career. Once she has your ear, you’ll be impressed with her volume of sales, but not surprised. Her heart is in it for the people. 

Motivated Connection Realty - OUR CORE VALUES
Motivated Connection Realty - WHY CHOOSE US

Accurate information in the home buying process is a must. We promise to always be honest and trustworthy with our clients. 

We promise to still be there after the transaction. We promise to keep you connected to a team of professionals for all your home needs.. We promise to offer the best relocation assistance possible.

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring a smooth home-buying process for you.